Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Strawberry Angel Cake (or Adam's Birthday Cake)

This is a recipe I stole off allrecipes.com. I made it because Adam likes strawberries. Turned out pretty well.

1. Get a package of Angel Food Cake mix. (The recipe says 18.25 ounce package, but they really only come in one size). I used this kind made by RobinHood that has sprinkles in it. Very festive.

2. Put the mix in your food processor.

3. Add 1 1/3 cups water (or you know, whatever the box says).

4. Mix it all up in the food processor.

5. Put the batter into one of those cake pans that has a hole in it. (They'll be a picture of it on the box). It won't fill the pan, 'cause it's going to fluff up later.

6. Cook the cake however long it says on the box at whatever temperature it says. Or until golden brown.

7. Go do something (it'll be cooking a little while).

8. Take out the cake. The box says something about putting it upside down on a bottle? I didn't really need to do that. The cake came out of the pan pretty easily.

9. While the cake is cooling put 2 cups of cream into a bowl, with two tablespoons of icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of cocoa.

10. Whip the cream. Now you have a bunch of chocolate whipped cream!

11. Cut some strawberries in half. Like, a whole pint. Don't forget to pull the green things off.

12. Fold the strawberries into half of the the chocowhipped cream. By "fold" I of course mean just mix them in there.

13. If the cake is cool, cut it in half horizontally. This is like cutting a bagel only bigger and harder. Use a big knife.

14. The recipe says to make a funnel for the filling by removing a bit of the inside of the bottom layer of the cake. I removed a tiny bit and ate it. Not sure if this is necessary or not.

15. Put your chocowhippedcream strawberry filling in the hole and all over the bottom layer.

16. Put the top layer back on.

17. Ice the cake with the rest of the choco whipped cream.

18. Get another pint of strawberries to decorate the cake. The more berries the better. As many as you can fit.

19. Put candles on and sing Happy Birthday.