Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rouladin (staying in touch with my German heritage)

For those of you who have never tried rouladin. Make it! Eat it! Try it! It's got the 3 best foods in the universe (meat, bacon, pickles) all rolled up into one!

1) Defrost inside round rouladin meat (or you know, just buy it fresh).

2) Fry 8 strips of bacon (1 for each piece of rouladin meat. In this case, we're obviously making 8).

3) chop 1 onion

4) chop 3 pickles

5) chuck the onions and pickles in with the still frying bacon (don't let the bacon get too crispy, though, because everyone knows fattier bacon is tastiest).

6) lay your meat down on a cutting board (or wherever).

7) spread mustard on the meat.

8) put a bit of the onion/bacon/pickle mixture (it should be ready by now) on each piece of meat.

9) roll up the meat with the stuff inside. You know, like a wrap...with meat.

10) tooth pick it so it doesn't fall appart

11) put the meat wrap thingies into the slowcooker. (if you don't have a slowcooker, go buy a slowcooker).

12) Put any stuffing that lept out of the meat in a futile escape attempt into the slow cooker for more flavour.

13) pour half a cup of beef boulean over everything.

14) cook on high in the slow cooker for 3-4 hours

Mommy says that if you don't have a slow cooker you could use a frying pan, brown the rouladin on all sides, then simmer it for an hour. This makes it taste better provided you don't burn them, but for that to happen you have to watch them the whole time! With the slow cooker burning is impossible and you can go watch tv or play computer games while it cooks.

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Stubbs said...

Absolutely love Rouladin, and I use a slight variation of this recipe every single time.

Good work!