Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ginger Chicken

My mommy taught me how to make this. It was yummy.

You need:
Some chicken quarters (legs)
Some potatoes
Some ginger
Some honey
some ketchup
Like half a garlic

1. Get out that pan that you basically only use to cook chicken in. Put four chicken quarters in it (which should make up a whole chicken, but most chickens don't have four legs). Also put the potatoes and the garlic cloves all around.
2. Poke EVERYTHING with a fork.
3. Heat it in the oven at 375 (Mommy says chicken is good at 350 and potatoes are good at 400, the potatoes ended up a little underdone but edible, and the chicken was perfect, so experiment with this.) For 50 minutes.
4. Mix honey, ginger, and ketchup together. I recommend mostly honey because ginger is strong and I'm not a big ketchup fan. But make it tastey for you. Because of the sugar in the honey you can't cook this sauce stuff more than 10 minutes otherwise burnity burn burn.
5. When 50 minutes is done take out the chicken. Take the garlic cloves from all around and squish them into the sauce with a garlic press.
6. Spread the sauce all over the chicken. Try to cover it all.
7. Put the whole thing in for another ten minutes.
8. Eat it.

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